charlotte (charmingholly) wrote in charmcontest,

LIMS skip chance.

You are able to earn one skip chance by pimping this community in your icon journal and/or personal journal. Please add somewhere that LIMS sign ups are open now.
Just post a comment here with a link to where you mention the community and that's it.

There is only one skip chance and one skip chance only you can use during the LIMS. It is so, because there will be a special prize to the winner and I want the participants to complete as many challenges as possible.

So use your skip chance wisely.

teenageprayer - 1
ashleighpersilv -1
willowcanne - 1
morlayne - 1

*edit-sice i have a good mood today, every participant earns a skip, which you can use during the competition. :D YAY!
Tags: lims, skips
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