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12 November 2006 @ 11:46 am
challenge 28 - variations.  
Ok guys. This one is a special challenge! ^_^ Yay!

I`m going to provide you 5 pictures and you will have to choose one of the pictures with whom you are going to work with. Then you`ll make a set of icons out of that picture with certain rules.
The winner of this challenge will recieve 5 interest icons made by me-charmingholly(charmingdesigns)
I wish you guys good luck and hope that everyone will enter! :)

>>you have to enter a set of 5 icons, covering all variations*
>>post your entry as a comment to this post including the image source(url)
>>your submissions can not be animated!
>>entries due Sunday, November 19th

01. a desaturated icon. you can`t use any color at all, also in brushes, gradients, textures etc
02. an icon that has a glowy dot (any color)
03. an icon with little inset pictures with a frame around them
04. an icon with something yellow. anything (also the whole icon can be yellow)
05. an icon with huge white/black space around the pic(it can be on one side, two, all sides, equal, larger on one side, anything)
*some ideas took from 10variations

01. 02. 03. 04. 05.
made by charmingholly @ charmingdesigns

+additional examples
01. charmingholly 02. pacalis
03. nightfall_icons 04. callingpiper 05. bluebear_74


Number of entries:06
I know you guys can do so much better than this!

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